Sanitary Bins Collection and Disposal Services in Nairobi Kenya

Our Sanitary Bins Collection and disposal Services in Nairobi Kenya provides organizations and business with safe and subtle hygiene disposal solutions. Proper sanitation is a requirement of the law and without suitable facilities, it become impossible to achieve it.

We hale institutions and organizations to get the best service and equipment to effect the same. We engage professionals who are well vast in sanitary bins to allow perfect bin fitting in maximizing the space in women washroom cubicles.

Our services outfit all feminine hygiene disposal necessities. It is not in order to flush down the sanitary waste; we ensure regular servicing of the sanitary bins to maintain appealing hygiene.

Our focus is to safeguard your working environment that will allow you to offer the best services to your clients. We provide everyday environmentally friendly answers to all disposal requirements.

At Titossy Cleaning Services, you will get an extensive range of highly stylish glossy looking slim line disposal units-Sanibins designed to fit into any of the toilet cubicle from standard hand operated to foot pedal operated. In our service provision, we allow our experts to visit your premise and identify the best bins that can fit well with the available space.  You can depend on us to provide the best sanitary bins collection and disposal services in Nairobi Kenya or order with us the equipment you need to ensure good sanitation is maintained.

Keep your washrooms clean with our range of Sanitary Bins

Sanitary bins are vital in the commercial washroom environment as they keep toilets safe and hygienic. Businesses are legally obligated to provide sanitary bins in their washrooms for staff and visitors and we have a wide range of sanitary bins and hygienic bag dispensers to keep your washroom clean and user-friendly.

At Commercial Washrooms we have a diverse range of sanitary products including bins and dispensers, all ideal for a variety of washroom environments. You can choose from pedal operated sanitary bins or sensor operated waste bins – both of which do not require the user to touch the bin, adding another health and safety measure.

How Many Sanitary Bins do I Need in My Washroom?

When planning out the design and layout of your commercial washroom, an important factor to remember is the presence of sanitary bins for your washroom users. But you might be wondering; how many sanitary bins do I need in my commercial washroom, and is this number a legal requirement?

When it comes to the number of sanitary bins needed in a washroom, there is no specific, legal requirement for any number of bins, provided there is at least one that is regularly maintained and emptied. Ideally, you would provide one sanitary bin per toilet cubicle so that waste which shouldn’t be flushed can be binned, and another sanitary bin by the sinks.

Depending on the size of the washroom in question, common sense and the design of the washroom will play a part in deciding what this number will be. A large washroom will no doubt need more than just the one bin, and for them to be equally spaced around the washroom in the places with most footfall.

To conclude, there are a variety of key regulations concerning sanitation and hygiene that make having at least one sanitary bin in your washrooms a requirement, but legally, there is no specific number of bins that you have to have in your washrooms; this number will instead be dictated by the size of the washroom and other design factors. If you were looking to buy or for professional sanitary bins collection services in Nairobi Kenya, GET A FREE QUOTE OR CALL US +254 790 525295

Sanitary Bins FAQ

What are sanitary bins used for?

Sanitary bins are mainly used in commercial washrooms to discreetly dispose of women’s sanitary products, such as tampons and pads. It is necessary for businesses to provide sanitary bins for legal reasons but ultimately, they are used to keep washrooms hygienic and to avoid damaging the environment and sewage systems. Sanitary bins can also be used to dispose of other sanitary waste, such as nappies.

How often should sanitary bins be emptied?

Sanitary bins should be emptied regularly to maintain good hygiene and prevent sanitary bins from making your commercial washroom smell. How often you empty your sanitary bins will depend on how much your washrooms are used and how many sanitary bins you have available. That said, sanitary waste is typically disposed of bi-weekly or monthly and a disposal service may be required to safely collect the waste.

What happens to sanitary bin waste?

Sanitary waste disposal is governed by legislation and many businesses will use a licensed waste collector to ensure the safe removal of sanitary waste products. These waste removal services are discrete and sanitary waste may be taken to a landfill or specialists who can convert waste to energy in order to provide sustainable energy to businesses, homes and so on.

How to empty a sanitary bin

It is important to take care when emptying a sanitary bin because coming into contact with body fluids such as blood increases the risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B&C and other dangerous germs that pose a threat to health. For this reason, companies should work with a waste disposal company to empty and clean sanitary bins.