Carpet Cleaning Services in Nairobi

Titossy carpet cleaning services in Nairobi is your one stop cleaning solution. Keeping your home clean is vital. And taking care of upholstery is an important part of that.

Our carpet cleaning services in Nairobi uses modernized equipment and quality cleaning products. We clean your carpets and give it its original look. We steam clean carpets using the best equipment, best products and hence get the best results. This leaves your carpets clean and virtually dry with no residue.

Our carpet cleaning services in Nairobi cleans all types of carpets, from wool to nylon. We provide carpet cleaning for commercial and residential premises.

Our carpet cleaning services in Nairobi team will pre-vacuum your carpets, treat spots. We use cleaning methods that will preserve the integrity and colour of your carpets.  Our team is trained in all aspects of carpet cleaning and have all the equipment needed to tackle any task.