Executive Office Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

Trusted Office Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

Titossy executive office cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya offer adept services that meet the needs of property management firms, facility managers and building owners.

Our executive office cleaning services features trained professionals equipped with the right equipment to perform specialty cleaning.

We uphold quality in all our services and endeavor is to meet you standards at all levels. You can trust us in all areas for office cleaning services in nairobi to have a new shift that is worth depending on for the service provision. We provide vital day-to-day cleaning which allows your location to remain in clean and in good condition even when busy.

If you are a new business looking to outsource a cleaning service, or your current service is not providing the quality that meets your standards, Titossy Cleaning Services will go an extra step to ensure you are satisfied with the quality you need.

Our expertise in office cleaning services is diverse to allow you experience the best services that are unmatched. We work to give a positive reflection of your property, establishment and business.

With our office cleaning services, you experience the highest level of superiority and detail attention in every aspect of executive office cleaning services.

Choosing us is choosing Excellency. You can depend on us to experience timely service and professionalism in all the cleaning dealings. At Titossy, we focus on customer satisfaction, which is our drive.

Office Cleaning Services Prices in Nairobi Kenya

It’s essential to note that these office cleaning services prices in Nairobi are approximate and may vary based on the specific requirements of your office space and the cleaning company you choose. Additionally, office cleaning services prices in Nairobi may be higher for offices located in high-demand areas or those with specialized cleaning needs.

Type of Office Cleaning

Cost Range Per Session (Ksh)

Small Office Cleaning

3,000 to Kes 10,000

 Medium Office Cleaning

10,000 to Kes 30,000

 Large Office Cleaning

30,000 to Kes 100,000

Additional Office Cleaning


Specialized Office Cleaning


When comparing office cleaning services prices in Nairobi from different cleaning companies, consider factors such as reputation, reliability, and the range of services offered in addition to cost. Investing in a reputable office cleaning service can ensure that your office maintains a clean, healthy, and professional environment for employees and visitors alike. Below is a breakdown of office cleaning services prices in Nairobi based on the size of the office:

Benefits of Our Office Cleaning Services in kenya

In a bustling country like Kenya, where time is precious and cleanliness is paramount, maintaining a tidy office environment can sometimes be a challenge. Whether you’re a busy professional, a homeowner, or a business owner, ensuring that your space is clean and well-maintained is essential for health, productivity, and overall well-being. This is where Titossy Cleaning Services steps in, offering top-notch office cleaning services in Nairobi tailored to the unique needs of customers across Kenya. Let’s delve into the numerous benefits of entrusting your office cleaning services in Nairobi needs to Titossy Cleaning Services.

1. Time-saving Convenience

One of the most significant advantages of choosing Titossy Cleaning Services is the time-saving convenience it offers. Instead of spending your valuable time scrubbing floors or dusting shelves, you can leave the cleaning to the professionals. Whether it’s a one-time deep clean or regular maintenance, Titossy’s skilled team will efficiently tackle the task, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you.

2. Exceptional Quality Office Cleaning Services 

Titossy Cleaning Services prides itself on delivering exceptional quality office cleaning services in Kenya  that surpasses expectations. Equipped with the latest tools, techniques, and eco-friendly products, their trained professionals ensure a thorough and effective office clean every time. From office spaces to residential spaces and commercial properties, Titossy guarantees a spotless environment that promotes health and well-being.

3. Healthier Living and Working Spaces

 A clean environment is crucial for maintaining good health, and Titossy Cleaning Services understands this well. By eliminating dust, allergens, and harmful bacteria, our office cleaning solutions create healthier living and working spaces for you and your employees. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with allergies or respiratory conditions, as well as businesses aiming to provide a safe and hygienic environment for their customers and staff. 

4. Customized Office Cleaning Services

Titossy Cleaning Services offers flexible and customized office cleaning solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require a comprehensive spring office cleaning, specialized services like carpet or upholstery cleaning, or regular maintenance cleaning, Titossy can accommodate your requirements. Their personalized approach ensures that every corner of your space receives the attention it deserves.

5. Consistency and Reliability

With Titossy Cleaning Services, you can expect consistency and reliability in every cleaning session. Their dedicated team follows a strict cleaning regimen and schedule, ensuring that your space remains consistently clean and well-maintained. Whether it’s a residential home, office, or commercial establishment, you can trust Titossy to deliver impeccable results time and time again.

6. Professionalism and Expertise

Titossy Cleaning Services is staffed by trained professionals who possess the expertise and skills needed to handle various cleaning challenges. Their attention to detail, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction set them apart in the industry. Whether it’s tackling tough stains, sanitizing surfaces, or restoring the luster of your floors, Titossy’s team is up to the task.

7. Cost-effective Solutions

While some may perceive professional office cleaning services as a luxury, Titossy Cleaning Services offers cost-effective solutions that provide excellent value for money. When you consider the time saved, the quality of service delivered, and the benefits of a clean environment, investing in Titossy’s cleaning services becomes a wise decision for you office cleaning services in Kenya.

Titossy Cleaning Services offers a comprehensive range of benefits that cater to the diverse office cleaning needs to businesses in Kenya. From time-saving convenience and exceptional quality office cleaning to healthier living and working spaces, Titossy is dedicated to transforming your environment for the better. With their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Titossy Cleaning Services is the partner you can trust for all your office cleaning needs in Kenya.

What is Included in Our Executive Office Cleaning Services in Nairobi

Workstations and Desks

Wipe down all surfaces, including desks, tables, and countertops, with a disinfectant cleaner to remove dust, dirt, and germs. Pay special attention to frequently touched items like keyboards, computer mice, and phones.

Clear Surface:

We remove all items from the desk surface, including papers, office supplies, and personal belongings. This make the cleaning to be done smoothly.

Dust Removal:

We use a microfiber cloth or a duster to remove dust from the entire desk surface, including the desktop, keyboard, monitor, telephone, and any other items on the desk. We pay special attention to corners, crevices, and edges where dust tends to accumulate. When it comes to office cleaning we are your best choice.


We use a disinfectant spray or wipes to thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces, especially areas that are frequently touched, such as the keyboard, mouse, telephone, and desk edges. We ensure the disinfectant is suitable for electronic devices.

Keyboard and Mouse:

We use compressed air or a keyboard vacuum to remove crumbs, dust, and debris from between the keys of the keyboard. We wipe down the keyboard and mouse with a disinfectant wipe to remove germs and bacteria.

Monitor and Screens:

We use a microfiber cloth dampened with water or screen cleaner to gently wipe down computer monitors, screens, and telephones to remove fingerprints, smudges, and dust.

Desk Drawers:

If applicable, We empty desk drawers and remove any debris or clutter. We wipe down the interior of the drawers with a damp cloth or disinfectant wipe to remove dust and grime.  We Organize items before placing them back into the drawers. Office cleaning services made easier.

Cable Management:

We organize and tidy up cables and cords to prevent tangling and tripping hazards. We use cable management solutions such as cable clips or cable ties to keep cables neatly arranged and out of the way.


Once the desk surface and surrounding areas are clean and dry, We carefully place items back onto the desk in an organized manner.

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Floor Cleaning

Cleaning floors effectively involves several steps to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained. At Titossy Cleaning Services we have a different approach depending on the type of floor. Here’s what to do:


Before starting to clean, remove any obstacles or items from the floor, such as furniture, rugs, or debris. This enables us to locate the stains easily.

Dust and Sweep:

We use a broom, dust mop, or vacuum cleaner with a floor attachment to remove loose dirt, dust, and debris from the floor surface. We pay extra attention to corners, edges, and hard-to-reach areas.

Spot Clean Stains:

We treat any visible stains or spills on the floor with an appropriate cleaner or stain remover. We  allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes to penetrate the stain before wiping or scrubbing it away.

Mop or Scrub:

We use a mop, sponge, or floor scrubber to apply the cleaner to the floor surface. Firstly we work in small sections, starting from one corner of the room toward the exit. We make sure that we wring out the mop or sponge well to avoid leaving excess water on the floor.

Rinse (if necessary):

 Some floor cleaners require rinsing with clean water after application to remove any residue. Especially when we are cleaning  Tiles, we mop the floor with clean water to ensure all cleaner is removed. We make office cleaning services simple just for you.


After mopping,  we allow the floors to air dry completely. We also use a dry mop or towels to speed up the drying process, especially in high-traffic areas.

Buff or Polish (optional):

For certain types of flooring, such as hardwood or laminate, may choose to buff or polish the floor surface to restore shine and protect the finish. We use floor buffer or polishing machine.

Windows and Glass Surfaces


Before we wetting the glass,  we dust off the surface using a duster or a dry microfiber cloth to remove any loose dirt, dust, or cobwebs.

Apply Cleaner

We spray the glass cleaner directly to the glass surface or to a microfiber cloth or paper towel.  To help remove staaind  at ease.


We use the dampened cloth or paper towel to wipe the glass in a circular motion, starting from the top and working your way down. We ensure we cover the entire surface, including corners and edges. For office cleaning services consider us we are the best in town.


For larger windows or glass surfaces, we use a squeegee to remove excess cleaner and water. We start at the top corner and pull the squeegee down in a straight line, overlapping each stroke slightly we ensure all streaks and spots are removed..  This is what we do to give your office windows an appealing look.


If there are any remaining streaks or moisture, we use a dry microfiber cloth or paper towel to buff the glass until it is completely dry and streak-free.


Step back and inspect the glass from different angles to ensure it is clean and streak-free. Touch up any missed spots as needed.

Clean Frames and Sills

We don’t forget to clean the window frames, tracks, and sills using a damp cloth or sponge. Wipe away dirt and grime, and dry the surfaces thoroughly to prevent mold or mildew growth. After we have done the above we step back and inspect the glass from different angles to ensure it is clean and streak-free.  Office cleaning services made easier.

Washrooms Cleaning

We understand that washrooms are the key areas that need more attention that is why we take more time to make sure that every area is touched and attended to. We clean and sanitize them, the following are the steps that we follow to make sure that your toilet is safe for use.

Toilet Cleaning

We start by applying toilet bowl cleaner to the inside of the toilet bowl. We let it sit for a few minutes while we clean other areas of the bathroom. This makes ity easier to remove tough brown rings.

Ccountertops and Surfaces

 We spray disinfectant cleaner on countertops, sinks, faucets, and other surfaces. We use a sponge or cloth to wipe down these areas, paying attention to any built-up grime or soap scum.

Shower/Tub if any

 We spray the shower walls, tub, and shower doors with a suitable cleaner. We use a scrub brush or sponge to scrub away soap scum, mildew, and grime. Rinse thoroughly with water.


 On this, we spray glass cleaner onto mirrors and wipe them clean with a microfiber cloth or paper towel. Buff to a streak-free shine. Office cleaning services made easier.


We start by sweeping or vacuuming the bathroom floor to remove dirt, hair, and debris. Then,  we mop the floor with a disinfectant cleaner, starting from the farthest corner and working your way toward the door.

Toilet Bowl:

We use a toilet brush to scrub the inside of the toilet bowl, including under the rim and around the edges. Then we flush the toilet to rinse the bowl clean.

Kitchen or Break Room

The kitchen is a very crucial area in any office if not attended well it can lead to serious illness due to bacteria. When cleaning an office kitchen or break room, we pay attention to several key areas to ensure a clean and hygienic environment for your employees. Here are the main areas we focus on:

Countertops and Surfaces:

 We wipe down all countertops, tables, and other surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner to remove crumbs, spills, and bacteria. We Pay special attention to areas where food is prepared or served.

Sink and Faucet:

We clean and disinfect the sink and faucet thoroughly to remove dirt, grime, and bacteria. We also use a scrub brush or sponge to scrub away any buildup around the drain and faucet handles.


We clean and sanitize appliances such as the refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and toaster oven. Remove any food spills or stains and wipe down the exterior surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner. Office cleaning services is our first duty.

Cabinets and Shelves:

We wipe down cabinet doors, handles, and shelves with a disinfectant cleaner to remove fingerprints, dirt, and bacteria. We organize items neatly and discard any expired or unused items.


We sweep or vacuum the floor to remove dirt, crumbs, and debris. Then, we mop the floor with a suitable cleaner to remove stains and spills. We pay attention to high-traffic areas and under tables and chairs.

Trash and Recycling:

We empty trash and recycling bins and replace liners as needed. Wipe down the exterior of the bins to remove any spills or stains. We consider using separate bins for recyclables to encourage eco-friendly practices.

Dishwashing Area:

If there’s a dishwasher or dishwashing sink, clean and sanitize it regularly. Ensure that dishes, utensils, and cups are washed, dried, and put away promptly to prevent the buildup of dirty dishes.

Coffee Station:

We clean and sanitize the coffee maker, coffee pot, and any other accessories such as sugar and creamer containers. We wipe down the coffee station area to remove spills and stains.

Seating Area:

We wipe down chairs and tables in the seating area with a disinfectant cleaner. We alsoremove any crumbs or spills and ensure that seating is arranged in an organized and inviting manner.

Windows and Ventilation:

We Clean windows, blinds, and curtains to remove dust and grime. We ensure proper ventilation by opening windows or using exhaust fans to remove cooking odors and moisture.

Electronics and Equipment

We power Off and Unplug Electronics:

Before cleaning any electronic device,  we power it off completely and unplug it from the electrical outlet. This reduces the risk of electrical shock and damage to the device.

Suitable Tools:

We use cleaning tools that are safe for use on electronic devices. Tools like microfiber cloths, compressed air dusters, soft brushes, and electronics-safe cleaning solutions are ideal.  We do this to avoid using abrasive cleaners or rough materials that could scratch or damage delicate surfaces.


Dust Removal:

We use a soft, dry microfiber cloth or compressed air duster to gently remove dust from the surface of electronic devices. We pay more attention to vents, fans, and ports where dust tends to accumulate. Hold the device in a position where dust can fall away from openings rather than being pushed further inside.

Screen Cleaning:

For electronic screens such as computer monitors, laptops, and smartphones, we use a microfiber cloth dampened with a small amount of water or a screen cleaner specifically designed for electronics. We wipe gently the screen in a circular motion to remove fingerprints, smudges, and dirt. Avoid using excessive moisture, and never spray cleaner directly onto the screen.

Keyboard and Mouse:

We use compressed air dusters or keyboard vacuum cleaners to remove crumbs, dust, and debris from between the keys of keyboards and the crevices of computer mice. We wipe down the surfaces with a disinfectant wipe to remove germs and bacteria

Printer and Copier Maintenance:

We clean printer and copier surfaces with a microfiber cloth to remove dust and debris. Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to clean paper trays and feed rollers.

Telephone Sanitization:

We wipe down telephone handsets, buttons, and cords with a disinfectant wipe to remove germs and bacteria. We put more effort focus on areas that come into contact with the user’s face and hands.

What Our Clients Have to Say!

"We recently switched to Titossy Cleaning Services for our office cleaning services in Kilimani, and the difference is remarkable. The team is thorough, professional, and always leaves our workspace spotless. Their attention to detail is impressive, and our office has never looked better."
Joyce w
Commercial Client
"Titossy Cleaning Services has been providing office cleaning services in Nairobi for several months now, and we couldn't be happier. The cleaners are punctual, friendly, and efficient. They go above and beyond to ensure everything is cleaned to the highest standard. Highly recommended!"
William N.
Commercial Client
"I am very pleased with the office cleaning services in Westlands from Titossy Cleaning Services. They are reliable and always do an excellent job. The team is courteous and respects our work environment, causing minimal disruption. Our office is always clean and tidy thanks to them."
Mary N
Residential Client
"We have been using Titossy Cleaning Services for office cleaning Services in Nairobi, and the experience has been fantastic. The cleaners are professional, use high-quality products, and pay attention to every detail. The customer service is also top-notch. We highly recommend their services."
Titus O
Commercial Client
"Titossy Cleaning Services has transformed our office cleaning routine. The team is efficient, and they work quietly without disturbing our daily operations. They handle everything from dusting to deep cleaning, and our office always feels fresh and inviting after they finish."
Maina C
Commercial Client
"The office cleaning services provided by Titossy Cleaning Services is exceptional. They are thorough and consistent, ensuring every corner of our office is spotless. The team is professional and easy to communicate with, making the entire process smooth and hassle-free."
Sandra E
Commercial Client
"I am extremely satisfied with the office cleaning services in Nairobi from Titossy Cleaning Services. The cleaners are meticulous and take their time to ensure everything is cleaned to perfection. Our office environment has improved significantly since we started using their services.Recommend!"
George G
Commercial Client
"Titossy Cleaning Services is the best office cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya we have used. The team is professional, reliable, and always does an outstanding job. They are attentive to our specific cleaning needs and always leave our office looking immaculate. Great service!"
Elijah K.
Commercial Client
"We have been very impressed with the office cleaning services in Nairobi from Titossy Cleaning Services. The cleaners are professional, friendly, and always go the extra mile to ensure our office is spotless. The pricing is reasonable, and the quality of service is excellent."
Esther J
Commercial Client
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