How To Succeed In Cleaning Business In Nairobi




1: Make Customer Service a Top Priority. 1

2: Create a relationship with your customers. 1

3: Charge a reasonable and competitive price. 1

4: Be Patient At The Starting Point 2

5: Communication Skill 2

6: Quick Response And Follow Up. 2

7: Invest In Advertising And Expanding: 2


How To Succeed In Cleaning Business In Nairobi

One of the greatest decision you will have to make as a cleaning business owner before you start a company is to decide if you are interested in commercial cleaning service, residential cleaning service or both. Residential House cleaning is a service offered at a client’s home. Cleaning service providers supply all cleaning detergents and equipment to execute the task. (unless otherwise agreed with the client)  How to succeed I cleaning business in Nairobi

Commercial cleaning is done in business premises, in this you enter in agreement with the client depending on the type of service and when to do the service.


If you want to be successful in cleaning business follow this following steps:


1: Make Customer Service a Top Priority: In every cleaning service you offer do it professionally always accept a mistake done by you or your staffs, this makes the client to trust you more. As heart is important to the body so is customer service to the business. A business with Proper customer service will always yield more results. On the technical side of cleaning business you need tools such as phone service, an email account, website, social media pages or all. This will help to enhance company’s outreach, communication and client satisfaction. This will translate to more clients and more income.


2: Create a relationship with your customers: Every cleaning service you offer make sure you satisfy the client, this will give you more jobs in the feature. A happy client will always call you back and refer you to their family and friends. Avoid cutting corners always make sure you are honest, trustworthy and be straight forward to your client. By doing this your cleaning business will grow greatly.


3: Charge a reasonable and competitive price: Don’t over charge! you are not the only cleaning service company in Nairobi. Offering competitive price puts you in a place of advantage you get more clients which translate to more income. Do a market research before you cone up with charging rates. If it’s possible look for an existing company and volunteer to serve even for a month or more. This will greatly help you to come up with a competitive charging rates.


4: Be Patient At The Starting Point: You may not get the desired return but with time you will get more than you desired. At the beginning you may find it difficult but don’t throw a white towel keep on working on your dream. Always be optimistic knowing that you are the best cleaning service provider. Take every challenge as an opportunity to learn and become better.  Always stick to the reason why you started the business, the reason will give you the energy to soldier on. Cleaning business has money keep moving it pays.


5: Communication Skill: As heart is important to the body so is communication skill to a business. Good communication skills enables you and others to understand information quickly. In contrast bad communication skills leads to misunderstanding and frustration. Do not be rude when speaking to your clients be polite make them feel that they are being served by professionals. Own your mistakes this make client feel that you are responsible. Good communication skill creates a good relationship between you and the client. Cleaning business is easy when you learn how to observe this.


6: Quick Response And Follow Up: In business follow up is the king, the far you will go in cleaning business is determined by your effort to follow-up. The follow-up call you make today will determine your future profit.  On the other hand when a client request for a quote do it as early as possible. Responding promptly to service and quote requests, and following up with clients will give them confidence to buy your services.


7: Invest In Advertising And Expanding:  Advertisement is the heart of any business. Advertising has three primary objectives: to inform, to persuade, and to remind. When you start a cleaning business you need to do massive advertisement for your business to be known. Advertisements create awareness, it make people know that your cleaning company exist. Never count lose on advertising you are exposing your cleaning company to more potential clients.


As a business owner you need to choose a mode of advertisement that will fit your budget and that will expose you to the right audience. The only way to expand is massive advertisements, you cannot avoid this. In our modern day advertising can be done in many ways for instance; facebook, Instagram, twitter, Google ads, Search engine optimization (SEO)  you can visit this seo company they are the best in Nairobi etc. Nevin digital marketing agency is one of the best SEO in Kenya

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