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Top 10 Best Weighing Scales Companies in Nairobi


Do you want to replace your weighing scales machine, or are you looking forward to starting a business that heavily relies on weighing scales? You better be keen because this is where the real deal is. This article provides details on the best companies that supply weighing scales machine affordably.

Weighing scales are critical in different businesses and can cost you a fortune, especially when faulty. You must look for reputable establishments that provide accurate scales machine.

Before we look at the best weighing scales machine, it is essential to know the signs that you need to replace your scales machine to avoid a negative implication on your business. Why is this important?

When a scale is adequately maintained and protected, it can be durable. It can deliver accurate measurements and resolution, and the indicator consistently shows a stable weight reading, even after heavy use. Eventually, however, you’ll need to replace your scales machine.

Pay Attention to These Triggers

Each weighing machine has specific signs, depending on whether you use digital or mechanical scales. You must be keen because these categories differ in how they display weight and how they measure it, electronically or with machine components.

Not all mechanical scales use springs, but all measure weight using mechanical components.

On the other hand, digital scales utilize analog-to-digital converters. What does this mean? This results in continuous electronic readout data from the scale’s load cells into simple digital information. Digital weighing scales are capable of higher precision and faster processing. They also require less expertise to operate.

Now that you understand these aspects of the different categories of scales machine, what makes you know it is time to replace it?

Inconsistent Reading

Your weighing scale must show a consistent reading with different items of the same weight. If you see a variation, know that your machine is faulty. You can also confirm using an object of a specific load and place it on it several times. It should always register the same weight and return to ‘000’ if the load is removed. If this does not happen, it is having a load cell or a mechanical problem.

Unstable Reading

This is where the weight reading on the scales machine does not hold on to a steady number. There is drifting even when the object is firmly placed on the scale. If this occurs, it can signify an electronic malfunction within the digital indicator. Such scales machine cannot be considered when precision is at stake.

Inaccurate Readings between Scales

This happens when the scales machine gives different readings for the same item. If you use another scale considered accurate and well-calibrated with differences in weight, then this is an indicator that there is something wrong. This, however, may not be a serious problem. It means that you may just need to calibrate your scale.

If you calibrate your scale and have the same issue, it may mean that the cells might have been shock loaded. Another cause could be an overload.

Display Readability

In some cases, the readout can be difficult to see. It happens when scales machine are connected to an unreliable power source. You can therefore change the batteries or power source.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues or anything that shows your machine is inaccurate, it is time to consider a new deal. However, the problem has always been to identify the right weighing scales company in Kenya to deliver accurate and reliable scales machine. Worry no more; we have identified companies you can trust.

Top 10 Weighing Scales Companies In Nairobi

1: Scales tech

This is the leading company that guarantees quality to all its clients. Scales Technology Solutions offers a wide range of services for all types of weighing equipment, Point of Sales systems (Software and hardware), Business automation systems and Office solutions.

The company is entirely suited to address the current Technology demands by integrating the weighing hardware components into other ICT infrastructures. This is to enhance efficiency in data collection, monitoring and evaluation of business production lines.

The company enjoys being at the top because of developing practical software to address customers’ needs. It also creates a compelling value proposition for consumers, partners and sponsors. It is regarded for its high reputation for installations of manufacturing, food & agribusiness, dairy and transport (Weigh Bridges).

The company is leading because apart from delivering quality scales machine, it ethically treats employees, customers, and suppliers. They value its customers, employees, and suppliers, and it is committed to providing only quality products and service. This company is a one-stop for scales machine ranging from Weighbridges, field, and industrial scales to retail scales.

2: Scales & Software (K) Ltd

Scales & Software is the trusted weighing solutions provider in Kenya. It boasts successful installations with signed-up Service Contracts in various industries, including Manufacturing, Food & Agribusiness, Dairy and Transport (Weigh Bridges).

The vision of this company is to become the premier company for weight and balance products and services. This is because it is committed to growth through developing new technology and products while utilizing the highest standards of quality and service.

3: Bytronics Weigh Scales

Bytronics Weigh Scales is a systems integrator specializing in weighing scales and systems. The company has diversified and integrated scales and other weighing systems from high-quality components imported from leading manufacturers worldwide. Such systems include and are not limited to weighbridges, axle-weighers, industrial platform scales, milk reception scales, and electronic digital suspended scales for milk, tea and tobacco leaf collection in the farms.

4:Weighing Solutions Engineering Development Ltd

This company aims to provide products of the highest quality and become the leading provider of weighing and mobile systems, incorporating modern technology to enable our customers to achieve their visions and goals. You can contact the company for the industrial, field, weighbridges, and retail scales.

5: Weighing Styles Ltd

You can contact the company for field scales, industrial, weighbridges and retail scales. It is among the best-performing companies because it ethically treats customers and suppliers in the quest to provide outstanding services and products.

6: Grand Scales Kenya Limited

Grand scales Kenya Limited integrates scales and other weighing systems from high-quality components acquired from leading manufacturers from all across the globe. It is best suited for supplying and fitting systems such as weighbridges, axles, industrial platform scales, and electronic digital suspended scales.

7: Servo Balans Africa Ltd

Servo Balans Africa Ltd strives to be the number one weighing Company in the world and provide customers with reliable and innovative service, products and information that help run their business. It has achieved the highest performance standard within each business area and is recognized by customers as the industry leader in weighing solutions. It also provides a wide range of services in industrial scales, field scales, weighbridges and retail scales.

8: Zing Ltd

Zing ltd utilizes the highest standards of quality and service. It is organized to develop new ideas, solve problems and find improvements for measuring weight and balance through technology and constant search for new applications and uses. Therefore you can be comfortable exploring with the company in areas patriating to industrial scales, field scales, weighbridges and retail scales.

9: Avery (East Africa) Ltd

The company was initially established primarily focusing on the supply, manufacture and maintenance of industrial and domestic weighing scales.

AEA has consistently remained the largest supplier of weighing equipment in East Africa. Over the years, the company has continuously diversified its activities and product offering due to strong aftermarket support. It is ideal for your entire scales machine to meet your weighing needs. Like any other company, it deals with industrial, field, retail and weighbridges.

10: Papyrus (Africa) Ltd

Papyrus (Africa) Ltd has been a major supplier of weighing, catering, commercial kitchen and food processing equipment in the Eastern and Central Africa markets for the last 47 years. Therefore, it is ideal for providing industrial, medical and retail sales machine.

11: Blisters 2000 Ltd

Blisters 2000 Limited, as a calibration laboratory, is dedicated to calibrating various types of measuring equipment. Over the years, we have evolved into a calibration company that offers a diverse range of scales machine and calibration services and products. Whatever your calibration need is, Elisters2000 Ltd provides a genuine “one-stop” calibration service and advice on your next move.

 The Bottom Line

These are the top ten best companies one can consider for weighing scales. It is hard to find a good company, but you are not lost because we have compiled a list of the best establishments for you. If you need to purchase or replace your scales machine, do not worry because any of these companies will provide absolute support.

Always keep in touch with the company to ensure it offers your needed services. Remember, when a scale is properly maintained and protected, it can be durable. It can deliver accurate measurements and resolution, and the indicator consistently shows a stable weight reading, even after heavy use. This means that the longevity of your weighing scale largely depends on maintenance. When you get the right weighing machines, ensure to maintain them properly.

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