Sanitary Bins Services

Sanitary Bins Services provides organizations and business with safe and subtle hygiene disposal solutions. Proper sanitation is a requirement of the law and without suitable facilities, it become impossible to achieve it.

We hale institutions and organizations to get the best service and equipment to effect the same. We engage professionals who are well vast in sanitary bins to allow perfect bin fitting in maximizing the space in women washroom cubicles.

Our services outfit all feminine hygiene disposal necessities. It is not in order to flush down the sanitary waste; we ensure regular servicing of the sanitary bins to maintain appealing hygiene.

Our focus is to safeguard your working environment that will allow you to offer the best services to your clients. We provide everyday environmentally friendly answers to all disposal requirements.

At Titossy, you will get an extensive range of highly stylish glossy looking slim line disposal units-Sanibins designed to fit into any of the toilet cubicle from standard hand operated to foot pedal operated. In our service provision, we allow our experts to visit your premise and identify the best bins that can fit well with the available space.  You can depend on us to provide the sanitary bins service or order with us the equipment you need to ensure good sanitation is maintained.

We work for the best quality of services for our clients and our clients appreciate us for that.