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Importance Of a Clean Office


In the world of business first impression matters. You’re offices appearance gives a clear picture of who you are your and it also gives your client confidence that they are dealing with an expert. First impression sets the tone for your relationship with your clients. It’s imperative for your business to be kept clean and sanitary at all time. Office cleaning services is key when it comes to business.

A clean office will not only about good impressions no it really participate in growth of your business. A clean working environments has a huge impact in your business.  America medical association in 2015 stated that 15 million employees get sick every year which leads to great loos in many companies due to low productivity. Office cleaning services in Nairobi is not something to avoid. See this post…in-nairobi-kenya/ .

A clean working environment boost the mood of your employees which translates to high productivity. There are many benefits that comes from a clean working environment, as a business person it’s good to source an office cleaning services companies in Nairobi.   Please find more importance of a clean office:

  1. Increase customer satisfaction: A clean and well organized office makes your employees happy this causes them to serve your customer well.
  2. Motivates employees: A clean office appears dignified and respectable which influences the mindset of the employees which makes them conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  3. High productivity: A clean office provides comfort which contribute to increase in revenue.
  4. Reduces sick day: Un-kept office host a lot of bacteria and germs that cause illnesses to your employees but a clean office create an healthy working space


How To Clean an Office

Active office gets dirty quick and clean it sometimes it seems tiresome especially when you don’t know where to start. When cleaning it is advised you start from the top, floor should be done being the last. It’s important to source office cleaning services companies in Nairobi because they a specialist. They understand what is required to be done. The following are the steps required when doing office cleaning in Nairobi:


  • Remove cobwebs from the celling
  • Clean everything that is attached or near to the ceiling
  • Clean windows
  • Wipe the dowers
  • Wipe surfaces
  • Clean and sanitize phones
  • Clean door handles and door knobs.
  • Clean the floor and put all waste in the dust bin
  • Empty the bin and clean it

Office cleaning services in Nairobi are affordable since we have many companies in Nairobi consider hiring one.


Why Hire Office Cleaning Services Companies in Nairobi

A healthy working space is important to both your workers and clients. Sourcing an office cleaning services company in Nairobi is the best thing you can do to your business. Some of this companies

has been in business for many years which means they understand the right chemicals and machines required to clean your office especially carpets. This are some of the benefits of hiring a cleaning company:

  1. Saves money and time: When you hire a Good and reliable office cleaning services company this provides a complete health protection work. Which will reduce absenteeism leading to high revenue.
  2. Helps to maintain good image of your business: Your customers will always talk about the cleanness and how organized you are to their friends and families, this will win more clients for you which translate to more income.
  3. Guarantee regular cleaning: When you get into contract with any cleaning service company in Nairobi they render regular cleaning to your work space. You don’t have worry about the cleanness of your office since it’s their duty/responsibility to clean daily. Make sure you contract a reputable company that will not give you stress.


How to choose office cleaning service company in Nairobi

Research shows that the demand for commercial cleaning services is increasing daily in Nairobi this is triggered by many business that are being started at a high rate. When you are choosing an office cleaning services company in Nairobi there are many factors to consider this is because we have many summers only and if you are not careful you might fall in their hands.


The following are some of the factors to consider before choosing an office cleaning services company in Nairobi Kenya:


  • Request for registration document: Every registered company should have the following documents: Certificate of incorporation, Local government license, General insurance, Workers compensation insurance
  • Ask for references and read reviews: This will help you understand the company better
  • Hold interview with them: You can let people who you have not met just to work for you, when you hold an interview with them you have an opportunity to ask them more questions.
  • Ask about liability insurance: It wise for you to protect your valuable asset, this why you should make sure that the office cleaning service company has liability insurance. This will protect your assets in case they damage your asset.
  • Know where they are located: In case of plain or damage you will know where to report
  • Learn about the products that they use: it important for you to understand the chemicals and detergents that they will use to clean your office especially when you have a carpet because different carpets require different machines and different detergent. If you are not careful they can ruin your carper.
How often am I supposed to clean my office:

Office is supposed to be tidy every time that’s why we advise you to hire an office cleaning service company in Nairobi. An office is supposed to be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week but areas like floor and surfaces like desks and tables are supposed to be cleaned.

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