Garbage Collection in Nairobi

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What Is Waste Or Garbage?. 1

Why Choose Garbage Collection Company Services?. 1

How Will I Know If A Garbage Collection Company Is Licensed?. 2

How Is Garbage Collection Done?. 2

Who Will Provide Plastic Paper Bags?. 2

How Much Do Garbage Collection Companies In Nairobi Charge?. 2

How Will I Know That The Collection Will Be Done According To The Agreement?. 3

How Will I Know Which Company To Hire?. 3




Garbage collection in Nairobi is one of the most lucrative business ideas. The research shows that 2,400 tons of waste are produced daily in Nairobi County. This is massive. Garbage collection is a great venture that can help you create your fortune within a few years. And the good thing is that garbage collection companies in Nairobi are few.

When you start your company and manage it well, you will eventually be the best garbage collection company in Nairobi. Garbage collection includes household waste, construction waste, electronic waste, medical waste, agricultural waste, etc.

What Is Waste Or Garbage?

These are unwanted or unusable materials that are of no use. Garbage is mainly from households, offices, schools etc. Garbage is mainly in solid form, for example glass, plastics, papers, food remains, etc.


Why Choose Garbage Collection Company Services?

Handling garbage on your own is time-consuming and it needs a lot of energy to sort it out.

A company saves you time when you hire a garbage collection company in Nairobi. They take all the hustle from you. They give you time to focus on other things that matter most in your life. Don’t stress yourself, let the professionals handle the garbage for you.


Hiring a garbage collection company in Nairobi is cheaper than when you are using unprofessionals. A company charges you monthly, once per month, or as you have agreed with them, and their prices are affordable and moderate.

Furthermore, unprofessionals can get you in trouble with the city council. Individuals who do garbage collection in estates are not licensed, and when they are caught by the authorities, they can put your business in serious trouble. To avoid this make sure you hire services from a qualified garbage collection company.

How Will I Know If A Garbage Collection Company Is Licensed?

Before you hire a garbage collection company in Nairobi, make a background check. You can ask them for the referrals and contact them to know whether the company has/is serving them or not. You can also ask the company to send you their documents, that is, their incorporation certificate, license from the local authorities (kanjo) and license from National Environment Management Authority (NEMA). If you wish to authenticate the documents, you can use your lawyer.

How Is Garbage Collection Done?

The collection is done according to the agreement that you signed with the garbage collection company. This can be daily, two days a week, weekly or monthly depending on how often you want them to do the collection. In addition you can ask the company to advice you on the frequency of collection since they know it better. The frequency mainly depends on the size of your waste.

Who Will Provide Plastic Paper Bags?

It’s the responsibility of the garbage collection company to provide you with plastic bags to package your waste. If it’s an estate, each house will receive at least 8 bags per month. However the office is different. The service provider supply bags based on the amount of waste that you are producing. You can also ask them to advice you on this since they have an great experience on this field.

How Much Do Garbage Collection Companies In Nairobi Charge?

There are many factors that affect the cost of garbage collection in Nairobi. One of the factors is the nature of the waste; e.g., surgical waste is quite expensive compared to food waste, electrical waste, and construction waste.

Another thing that affects the cost is the size of the garbage to be collected. The bigger the waste, the higher the cost. Distance is also one of the factors that is used to determine the cost. If your promise is near to the damping site, you will pay less compared to the one that is kilometers away from the dumping site.

Frequency; this is the number of times that the garbage collection will be done. The higher the frequency the lower the price, the lower the frequency the higher the price.

Number of waste bags: If your business or estate has many units you will have to pay more compared to someone who has less units. The higher the number of waste bags the higher the cost, the lower the waste bags the lower the cost.

How Will I Know That The Collection Will Be Done According To The Agreement?

Every garbage collection company in Nairobi has something called job cards. This jobs cards are signed by you or your representative every time the collection is done. This ensures that there’s no collection skipped. If there’s a day skipped, you will know and deduct the amount. It’s as easy as that. When you hire one, make sure you ask for a job card.

How Will I Know Which Company To Hire?

It’s tricky to know the experienced and genuine company when it comes to hiring a garbage collection company in Nairobi. Because there are many companies and if you are not careful, you will end up hiring the wrong company that will give you the headache that you are trying to avoid. The best thing to do is to do your research well.

Ask your friends for referrals, search online as well. One of the most effective and reliable ways is to call different companies and ask them to send you their referrals. Also, don’t forget to ask about the number of years that they have been in the market. This will help  you to understand the company you intend to hire and also it will enable you to know whether they are experienced or not.


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