Best factors to consider when moving office



Factors To consider when moving office in Nairobi 

There are multiple good reasons why you need to move your office from one place to another. While this can prove an excellent move for your business, it is not easy. The process is not laid back because you will encounter some challenges. This is true if you have decided to move it yourself.

However, you are at the right place to learn the basics and choose the best office moving company. Note that there are numerous office moving services and it will be hard for you to determine an excellent one.

Therefore, you need to understand the moving process before you do anything clearly. Many individuals have tried it without this knowledge, and things have gone wrong. Your goal must be to get your office equipment to a new destination in a good and safe condition.

This is basic, and once you are comfortable with the various stages of an office move, you can then find a reliable office moving company to execute your job. This is particularly when you want the task done by experts. Many establishments consider professionals because of the value of their items. You cannot trust your machine to novices.

The content of this article will help you put together an office relocation checklist tailored to your needs and time scales.

Before we dig deep into understanding different aspects of office moving services, it is vital to know the guiding principles that will help us understand what to discuss and agree on before hiring an office moving company.

Outline Your Goals and Needs

As indicated, it is not all about moving but creating value for your business. You need a reliable property agent to discuss your requirements and assess your company in terms of size, price, and location. This is the first thing before considering any office moving company. Know what you want from it by assessing your needs.

 Plan Your Moving Office Budget

The budget will have to consider many things. For instance, you must know if the company is licensed before you settle on anything. Licensing in office moving services is essential, and that is the first thing to know whether the company is legit. Things happen. If items do not reach in good condition, what do you do?

With these considerations, it is easier to discuss the figures to ensure your business sticks to what it can afford without incurring extra costs later. Make sure you identify the cost associated with office moving services and know if you have to incur any hidden costs.

Managing the Moving Process

This ensures you have a smooth relocation even when relying on professionals. You must liaise with the office moving company to ensure nothing goes wrong. It is crucial to organize who is in charge and the individual responsibilities of each team member. This will help outline who will oversee what in terms of relocation.


The last thing your business wants is to experience any unplanned “downtime” during the move. You must plan effectively in operations to ensure your business runs perfectly during an office move. You do not want to make your clients wait because you are relocating.

The key hurdle to overcome will usually revolve around whether (or not) you have a clear IT relocation plan which will allow you to move your IT infrastructure securely.


Everything we do is time-bound, and you must be clear about what you wish to achieve within a specific time. Make sure you discuss this with your office moving company and agree on the logistics. For instance, establish when you need to be operational in your new office – and then work backwards to ensure that everything gets done in the proper order and at the right time. Otherwise, things may be messy and end up dragging in business because of poor planning.

You see, it is not all about moving from one place to another. There are many things that you must consider to stay in business. These five aspects are crucial for any business to consider before hiring office moving services.

Why Should You Hire an Office Moving Company?


Briefcase companies’ can move effortlessly without considering professional office moving services. However, this is crucial for a big company with the equipment and other operation items. This is where you should look at the quality of services, and many things will make you consider office moving services.

For instance, your budget, proximity to your new office and complexity of the move are among the key considerations. You may consider DIY, but there are multiple benefits when you secure help from a professional office moving company. With office moving services, you overcome a lot of stress associated with the move.

Therefore, you will consider professional office moving services because you want to have a smooth relocation without breakages.

Questions to Ask Office Movers

Any business that wishes to have a smooth relocation must have specific questions to ask the movers. What is your guarantee that you are relying on a reputable company to move your office? You can only get it right when you ask serious questions that will point out to a reliable office moving company.

You are likely to fall for a fraudulent office moving company if you are not keen to ask crucial questions. It is also advisable to check online reviews about different office moving services. With the reviews, you can correctly find the right company to move your office. Here are the three categories of questions that will help you find a reliable office moving company.

To get an accurate estimate

  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
  • Can you provide a binding quote?
  • What additional moving supplies will I be paying for?
  • Are there potential charges I am not already aware of?

To find out how they consider your interests

  • What are your non-allowable?
  • How long does it take to move?
  • Who is in charge of the relocation?
  • Who is responsible for the damages?
  • What is the process of filing a claim?

These questions will help you know what to plan for and where to run if something unexpected happens.

To find out if the office moving company is reputable

  • How long has the office moving company been in the business?
  • Do you have references?
  • Are you properly licensed?
  • Have any complaints been filed against the company?
  • What kind of liability coverages does your company provide?

These are some of the top questions that many businesses never ask. They only remember to ask when things have gone wrong, and it is too late. Do not fall victim to the same. Create a checklist to help you tick every box correctly when looking for office moving services.

Top 10 Office Moving Services in Nairobi

After the above considerations, where do you start? You do not have to crack your head because we have you covered. We have featured Nairobi’s top ten moving services to simplify your work to ensure your search starts on the right foot. These are the best office moving services.

  1. Tic Moving Services 
  2. Millions Moving and Relocations
  3. Access Movers Kenya.
  4. Cube Movers Limited. Move without Tears
  5. Cadin Movers Kenya. Relocation and storage
  6. Alpha Movers Kenya. Move with Ease
  7. Tylor Movers
  8. Prestige movers. Move without Stress
  9. Ahadi Movers
  10. Eagle Movers

These are leading office moving services in Nairobi, and your search should start here. There are various reasons why companies are ranked among the top establishments. Some of the reasons include:

Level of professionalism

This is crucial because it determines the quality of services you will get. Before you contact an office moving company, ensure they deliver high-quality services. We considered these aspects, which is why some companies are leading others.


Some companies are too expensive but offer poor services. These top office moving services offer affordable rates, which is why they are considered among many clients. Look for an office moving company that is within your relocation budget.

Availability and ease of communication

The company you select must have multiple modes of communication. This is to increase the ease of communication so that you do not struggle when one channel is not working. Also, look at the operations time to ensure you are not inconvenienced.

Find out how easy it is to customize your relocation, especially when you want it outside their operation time. Based on these aspects, we have highlighted some companies you can feel comfortable working with.

The Bottom Line

There are many office moving services, and one can easily fall for the wrong company if they are unaware of their operations. We have provided a list of the top ten office moving services to consider. Besides, there are special considerations to help you evaluate each establishment to single a company that meets your relocation needs.

Look at every aspect keenly and know your objectives. Select a company that is ready to serve your needs and ensure you ask essential questions before it is too late. This will help you have an easy and smooth office relocation process.


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