How to Start a Cleaning Business in Nairobi Kenya


Cleaning Business in Nairobi Kenya
To register a cleaning business name in Nairobi, Kenya, you need to meet the following requirements:


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How to Register Your Business. 1

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Buy Uniforms for Your Cleaning Company. 2

Do Not Rush Into Buying Cleaning Machines. 2

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How to Start a Cleaning Business in Nairobi Kenya

This piece will share critical information to help you establish a successful cleaning business in Nairobi and beyond.

Starting a successful cleaning business in Nairobi can be challenging like any other business. Note that we are talking about success here. Many people start cleaning companies daily. Hundreds of businesses are created every month in Kenya alone. But very few of them survive. You can choose a different path and avoid the pitfalls that swallow many ventures. We will help you learn how to start a cleaning business in Nairobi, Kenya.

How to Register Your Cleaning Service: Business Name Search

When registering a new company, the first step is to get a name for the company. This involves making an application through the e-citizen website to reserve the name. Before conducting a name search, the following should be observed:

  • Companies Act no. 17 of 2015 Section 48(1), Companies Act no. 17 of 2015 Section 48(2), Legal notice 80 of 12th June 2003
  • That there is an application for reservation of a company name.
  • A receipt for payment/invoice of the prescribed fee.

The Registrar may, on written application, reserve a name pending the registration of the business through an online search at the Companies Registry.

Your cleaning business name is reserved for a minimum of 30 days, as the registrar confirms whether another company is using the name. The period may be extended for another 30 days for special reasons to give the applicant time to register the name.

One is then required to pay a fee of Ksh 150 per name, broken down to Ksh 100 for the name and Ksh 50 as the convenience fee. It should be noted that there is no requirement for a minimum or a maximum number of names an application can give.

How to Register Your Business

To register a cleaning business name in Nairobi, Kenya, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Conduct a name search through the Registrar of Companies and wait for approval of the proposed identity.
  • Describe the nature and activities of the proposed cleaning business in Nairobi
  • Provide the full identities of all the proprietors. Indicate the postal address for the proposed name
  • Indicate the proposed entity’s physical address- including the plot number, town, and county.
  • Presentation of copies of the national IDs or Passports of all partners or proprietors for your cleaning business
  • Present passport photos of the partners as well as copies of their PIN Certificate Payment of Ksh. 850 for company registration (Ksh. 800 for registration and Ksh. 50 as a convenience fee)

Currently, the cost of incorporating a business will range between Ksh 15,000- 30,000. This depends on different personal factors like organization, which can slow or hasten the registration process.

Professional Insight

Titossy cleaning services has been around for a while, and we understand some things beginners get wrong. After registering your company, the next step is to put things that will assist you to be more successful. We have provided more tips here to ensure you succeed in the cleaning business in Nairobi.

Buy Uniforms for Your Cleaning Company

How to start cleaning business in Kenya in 2022

You cannot give a first impression twice. Therefore, the first thing you must think of is purchasing your cleaning uniforms. This is essential because it exhibits professionalism and a sense of direction. The basics should come first.

It is vital because it is also part of your advertisement.  Brand recognition for a cleaning business starts with how you present yourself to others. This gives you an upper hand over other companies in Nairobi that underestimate the value of uniforms. You can start from as low as seven pairs of uniforms and upgrade as your business grows. The bottom line is, never go to a client’s premises without your uniform.

Do Not Rush Into Buying Cleaning Machines

It is not wise to buy cleaning machines at the starting stage. You may have enough money to buy your equipment but start with hiring. This helps you learn the job’s nitty-gritty and focus on the scope. The importance of hiring a machine for your cleaning business in Nairobi at this stage is that you do not spend the little you have on the machines. It helps you establish a client base that allows you to have your equipment. Besides, it is cheaper and will enable you to realize profits from the onset. There are many places in Nairobi you can hire cleaning machines. All you need is to research the available cleaning service providers companies and settle on an ideal one. However, there are basic equipment you need to have to ensure the smooth running of your business because they are often.

They include:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Detergents
  • Gloves, and you can easily hire the rest

Do Not Rush Into Finding an Office

You can still make your cleaning business boom from the comfort of your home. This is because spaces in Nairobi are very expensive, and few people can afford them. The competition is high, and the spaces are also limited. This should not scare you. Do not give up your dream of starting a cleaning business in Nairobi. You can do it online as long as you have all the paperwork. The importance is that it helps you save cash you would otherwise use on space and use it on expanding your cleaning business.

Do Not Rush Into Employing Staff

Also, do not rush into employing staff when you have not created a customer base that can sustain them. You can train yourself to do the job and hire experts from existing companies. This helps you avoid paying wages for staff who are not working for lack of cleaning jobs. This is also a good way of saving. You will later employ your team when you grow your cleaning business in Nairobi and beyond.

Create a Website and Adopt Excellent Marketing Strategies That Include SEO Content

While establishing your cleaning business in Nairobi, you need a website to reach many people at once. We are in a technological error, and anyone who needs cleaning services will first check on google before contacting friends for a referral. A website should list all your services within your cleaning business. This helps clients see what you do and hire you for your services. There are multiple marketing strategies you can use, and these include:

  • SEO content
  • Facebook page or Instagram account
  • Google ads
  • Email marketing
  • Referrals

When using social media, ensure you post quality photos demonstrating your cleaning business ability. This can include the work done and while at work. For your Facebook account, ensure you have posted pictures before you make it public to encourage traffic.

SEO content is an ideal way to ensure your website draws traffic. Clients want fresh and informative content that appeals to their immediate needs. SEO is essential because it helps your cleaning business gain exposure online, gaining leads and customers within Nairobi. Quality SEO and marketing campaigns are designed to create more online traction for your business.

The main objective of SEO optimization is to improve your site’s rankings in search results. But it goes beyond that; achieving high traffic and rankings is to convert that traffic into potential customers and leads. Nevin digital marketing agency is one of the best SEO in Kenya


Among the many benefits of investing in search engine advertising include:

  • SEO is that it doesn’t involve paying for ad space
  • It helps you build your brand by enhancing your online presence
  • It helps your target audience find your site
  • It boosts your credibility and authority
  • It can help you stay ahead of your competitors

Finally, make your customers your priority after you have set everything in place for your cleaning business. Promise what you can deliver and offer it exceptionally.


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